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Recognising that many people are having difficulty paying their rent during this period of COVID-19 disruption, from 8 April 2020 AIME is inviting people to apply to be Hoodie Connectors through the organisation’s website

Having registered their interest in becoming a Hoodie Connector via the website, applicants will be redirected to AIME’s account on the Tapfiliate platform. Once all necessary information has been provided, including why the applicant wants to become an AIME Hoodie Connector, an AIME representative will reach out to discuss the application. AIME reserves the right to approve or decline applications to become a Hoodie Connector at its absolute discretion.

Once registered and approved as a Hoodie Connector by AIME, individuals will get an official referral link that they can share with friends, family and others, and will earn AUD$30 from every hoodie sold via their referral link. The money goes directly to each Connector every two weeks.

These Terms and Conditions set out the terms governing the arrangement entered into between AIME Mentoring (AIME) and its AIME Hoodie Connectors (Connectors) for the payment of connection fees in exchange for hoodie purchaser referrals that result in sales of AIME "This Hoodie Pays Rent" hoodies.

On each occasion that a transaction is recorded on the Tapfiliate platform in connection with the purchase of an AIME This Hoodie Pays Rent hoodie via their official referral link, each Connector will be deemed to have confirmed their acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.

1. Connection of purchasers with AIME

1.1 Each Connector will connect prospective purchasers with AIME for the purchase of AIME This Hoodie Pays Rent hoodies (or any subsequent edition hoodies that AIME may offer under this program from time to time).

1.2 The Connector will source prospective purchasers from the Connector’s extended personal network.

1.3 A Connector is not obliged to connect any purchasers to AIME, and may enter into any other similar referral arrangement with other parties.

1.4 AIME is not obliged to limit its appointment of connectors and may enter into any other similar referral arrangement with other parties.

2. Method of Connection

2.1 AIME will provide each Connector with a unique, official referral link. The Connector will protect the referral link against loss, or unauthorized use for the benefit of anyone other than the Connector.

2.2 The Connector will provide their official referral link to prospective purchasers.

2.3 Purchasers will buy This Hoodie Pays Rent hoodies from AIME’s online shop, using the official referral link supplied to the purchaser by the Connector.

2.4 AIME may replace or deactivate the Connector’s referral link at its discretion, including upon termination of this program or termination of the Connector’s participation in it for any reason; or upon being notified by the Connector that the referral link has been lost or has ceased to operate.

3. The Connection Fee

3.1 The connection fee is AUD30.00 for each This Hoodie Pays Rent hoodie purchased from AIME by a purchaser using the Connector’s official referral link (the "Connection Fee Amount").

3.2 AIME will pay the Connection Fee Amount to the Connector in accordance with Condition 4, on a fortnightly basis.

3.3 AIME retains the right, at its complete discretion, to alter or amend the Connection Fee Amount; however AIME will give the Connector at least 24 hours’ notice of its decision to do so.

4. Payment of the Connection Fee and other Amounts

4.1   Connectors who are Australian residents will be required to have an ABN (Australian Business Number). If a Connector is registered for GST, AIME will add GST to the Connection Fee payment. Non-Australian residents are not required to provide an ABN. 

4.2   Connectors can access their referred sales and Connection Fee Amount payment reporting via the Tapfiliate platform. 

4.3 In addition to the Connection Fee Amount, AIME may also, at its absolute discretion, make distributions to the Connector of other amounts representing a share in the profits made and distributed to AIME from the sale of This Hoodie Pays Rent hoodies by third party Apparel wholesalers/retailers (each a “Bonus Amount”).

4.4   Connection Fee Amounts and Bonus Amounts are only payable to a Connector’s Paypal account. The Connector must provide a valid Paypal email address to enable payment to be made. 

4.5   Payments to the Connector are contingent on the Connector providing AIME with all relevant supporting documentation/information during the registration process (including full name, address, phone number, ABN and accurate paypal account email details).

4.6  If for any reason, a purchase that has been referred to AIME via the Connector’s unique referral link is cancelled or refunded, the Connection Fee Amount associated with that sale will be reversed. 

4.7  Bonus Payments will be made when a minimum of AUD$10.00 has been earned by the Connector.

5 Privacy Protection

5.1. AIME agrees to keep all Connector and purchaser information confidential in accordance with its Privacy Policy that can be found at: https://aimementoring.com/terms-of-service

6 Restrictions

AIME has placed a number of restrictions around this program. These restrictions are:

6.1 The Connector must leverage their personal network to attract purchasers of AIME’s This Hoodie Pays Rent hoodie.

6.2 This means that Connectors cannot SPAM. AIME will terminate a Connector’s participation in the program on the first offense of SPAMMING. Connectors must not send email to lists or groups that they do not have permission to send to.

6.3 Fraud is a serious offense, and will be treated as such. Fraud includes any action that involves the unauthorized use of any payment mechanism or channel to create false or unauthorised financial rights or obligations; and any action that intentionally attempts to create sales using robots, frames, iframes, scripts, or manually "refreshing" of pages, for the sole purpose of creating Connection Fee Amount payments (whether connected with associated acts of financial fraud actions or otherwise).

6.4 Failure by a Connector to abide by these restrictions could result in termination from the program completely with a complete forfeiture of Connection Fee Amounts.

6.5 If a Connector is terminated from the program, Connectors must cease to use assets provided by AIME to promote the sale of This Hoodie Pays Rent hoodies.

7 No Agency

7.1 These Terms and Conditions do not create any fiduciary relationship between the parties.

7.2 The Connector must not represent, convey or in any way make themselves out to be an agent, partner, representative, employee, contractor or affiliate of AIME in any way that extends beyond their role as a Connector under this program.

8 Term

8.1 The term of this program shall commence upon the Connector being provided with their official referral link by AIME, and will terminate immediately upon AIME giving notice of termination to the Connector.

8.2 No future Connection Fee Amount or Bonus Amount will be due and payable to the Connector if this Program is terminated pursuant to this Condition, and the relationship between the parties will be severed so that there is no longer an obligation to pay a Connection Fee Amount or Bonus Amount.

9. General Provisions

9.1. AIME may amend these Terms and Conditions by giving reasonable notice to the Connector.

9.2. These Terms and Conditions are  governed by the laws of New South Wales and the parties agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of that State.

10. Over 18 years of age.

Each Connector represents that they are over the age of 18 years; and acknowledges that being a Connector and utilising the Tapfiliate platform is prohibited for persons under the age of 18 years.

11. Bound by Tapfiliate Terms and Conditions.

Each Connector acknowledges that in using the Tapfiliate platform they, and AIME, are each bound by the Tapfiliate Terms and Conditions available at: https://tapfiliate.com/tos/.